Individual Services

Individual Services

Individual Services are highly structured services for students that have very specific needs. These services take place with a dedicated staff member who will be with the student for all sessions. This relationship is what allows many of our students receiving individual services to flourish.

One to one Therapy

Students receiving this service usually have significant delays in communication, social skills, requisite learning, daily living skills (including toileting) and behavior. The staff member works specifically with the student to remedy these deficits by organizing activities that address these areas of development. Many activities address multiple needs at once allowing for greater progress. Our staff will seek out parent input so that sessions address the family’s needs.

One to one Counseling

Students receiving counseling services usually have specific individualized needs that are not met in group therapy. They may take part in a group and need counseling in addition to supplement their program. Students have used one to one counseling services in crisis situations, to assist them in developing specific job skills and to problem solve with an experienced staff member. Students in this program must have the ability to use and comprehend language in order to benefit from the counseling aspect. Sessions can be ongoing or as needed.