Group Services

Group Services

Group Services involve working in a group setting and include social skills groups, monthly socials. Group services are offered year round.

Social Skills Groups

The purpose of our groups is to provide students with opportunities to engage in age appropriate activities with their peers in order to enhance their social skills. Our groups utilize an activity based format with an emphasis on recreation and leisure skills, pragmatic language, teamwork and social skills. Groups occur year round and vary in size from 2- 10 students depending on the level of independence of the group members. Social outings occur monthly with all groups and are considered a vital part of our groups.

Monthly Socials

Monthly socials are designed to provide additional age appropriate activities for our students to practice and apply their social skills. Socials occur on days when public schools are closed or on Saturdays. Socials may be used to supplement current activities or to introduce something new. The socials provide a lot of therapeutic value inside a whole bunch of fun. Some of our favorite socials include fall and spring camp outs, carving pumpkin, building gingerbread houses, baking Valentine’s Day cookies and painting rocks. Socials are arranged by age only so that our students are able to mix with other students of varying abilities at TAP.